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Course modules available

All of the modules listed below are of seven hours:


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Bridge Strikes

This module looks at bridge strikes and the consequences of a strike, to you, your operating company and to the rail infrastucture. And how to avoid them, by correct vehicle heigh measurement and careful route planning.


Staying ahead - Safe and Legal

This course looks at the drivers daily walk around safety checks, tyre safety, weight restrictions, manual handling and mobile phones (the law and the consequences), and includes a refresher on drivers hours.

This course includes a manual handling certificate aswell as the normal Driver CPC.


Digital and Analogue Tachograph Training & UK Drivers Hours including the EU Mobile Workers "Working Time Directive"

We look at the Digital Tachograph and the paper style Analogue Charts. We will show you how to use a Digital Tachograph and explain what it's all about.

We will examine in detail EU Drivers Hours, how they relate to your job, how to keep records and for how long. We will explain the Working Time Directive and how it relates to drivers.


Fuel Economic Driving & Safe loading of HGV's and the working environment

In this module we will look at what causes poor fuel consumption and ways of improving fuel usage. How to get a better mpg and save money.

We look at the loading environment both on site and on the vehicle. We investigate centres of gravity, load positioning, security of loads, rollovers and how to prevent them from happening.


Daily Vehicle Checks, Manual Handling, Accident Avoidance and Procedures.

This course will show drivers what is legally required from them when carrying out their Daily Vehicle Checks. We go through the entire process with a vehicle if one is available. We also look at periodic maintenance checks.

This course also has a Manual Handling Course built in. Drivers will receive a Manual Handling certificate as well as the normal Driver CPC certificate. We look at driver ergonomics. We investigate the causes of accidents and the procedures to carry out following an accident. We also cover speed limits, tyre safety and a short introduction to first aid.


Driving Licences, Road signs, Driver & Vehicle Security.

The driving licence, what all the numbers mean and how to do a Licence Check. Road signs that are relevant to HGV's including loading lines, red routes, and motorway signs. We look at driver and company image and Driver and Vehicle security.


Emergency First Aid at Work.

This is a full one day Emergency First Aid at Work course and includes an EFAW  Certificate valid for 3 years as well as a DCPC certificate. The course includes practicle and theory. Course content: CPR, Cardiac Arrest, Choking, Bleeding, Wound Dressings, Shock etc.

Please note: We only take a maximum of 16 students on this very popular course so early booking is advised. 


CPC Periodic Training

There is a legal requirement to do 35 hours of training, over a five year period. In order to qualify, each course must be a minimum of seven hours.


Ongoing development of training areas

We are developing more training areas all the time. If you have a specific area of training that you would like us to develop for your business please feel free to contact us.


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